Inspire offers social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and training that equips youth pastors to be in the classroom of local public schools. Inspire programs allow trained mentors to facilitate weekly classes with students during the school day with structured topics and activities. With Inspire, youth pastors receive training on SEL, how to approach administrators, setting up classes, fundraising and implementing crossover events.

SEL Benefits

According to, the following are benefits to schools that implement SEL programs:

Long term impact: 
SEL programming can have a positive impact up to 18 years later on academics, conduct problems, emotional distress and drug use.

Academic benefits:
Approximately 25% of students in SEL programs improved their academic behavior and emotional behavior. 

Return on investment
The average return on investment for six SEL programs studied was 11 to 1, meaning for every dollar invested there’s an $11 return.

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Radiant Girl and MVP curriculum in middle and high school versions have complimentary themes but have variations in topic presentation. Radiant Girl presents the topics through the key words of “Significance Strength and Shine.” MVP uses the key words “Manhood Value and Purpose.” The curriculum encourages mentors to guide discussions, create a safe environment for challenging issues and questions, as well as allow students to build a mentor relationship to encourage their success. SEL topics include:

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  • Self-esteem

  • Healthy relationships

  • Respect

  • Positive choices

  • Mental wellness

  • Resilience

  • Leadership

  • Social media safety

  • Goal setting

  • Bullying

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication



“As a youth pastor looking to serve the community while having influence, I strongly recommend the Inspire program. Since partnering with Tara and the Inspire team, we have been able to gain influence with the school district while having the opportunity to see the reach of our youth ministry into the local schools and students that attend.” 

Ps. Aaron Hunter, Legacy Church,
Prosper, Texas

“We have noticed that the impact created here in the Northeast Florida section has been a three fold impact; students are intentionally building healthier communication skills with their parents; Students are volunteering more in their schools and communities; and finally we are seeing less pregnancy take place due to the value of self-worth being taught among both genders."

Ps. Anthony Guadalupe, Rebirth Church
St. Augustine, Florida


“Through Inspire, the relationship with the schools in our area is incredible. It has expanded our youth ministry to reach outside of our walls and impact the lives of students who would never come to a church.”

Pastor Cody Stovall, Timberline Church
Aztec, New Mexico

“Inspire School Programs has been the best thing we as a youth ministry have ever done to get connected with our local schools. On a weekly basis we have access to hundreds of students that we might never have the opportunity to meet. Over the years we have seen students & teachers become connected with our local church through this program. Inspire has changed the way we approach & interact with our local schools.”

Pastor Jordan Miller, Trinity Church
Cedar Hill, Texas




Tara Bollinger founded Inspire School Programs in 2008 after competing at Miss USA launched her into creating a school assembly program. Tara feels passionately that public school students need mentors and guidance to grow in character, positive decision making and long-term success. By creating curriculum, she developed a relationship with local schools that allowed class time during the school day to be used for mentoring. In 2012, Tara moved to Dallas, in order to partner with Trinity Church in impacting their local schools. Since then over 12,000 students have been part of weekly mentoring, youth pastors are regularly on school campuses leading classes, thousands of students have participated in field trip luncheons held at Trinity Church and now Inspire has expanded into three states. Tara believes youth pastors can have a significant impact on local schools and wants to equip churches through training and resources. Tara speaks at education events about the benefits of SEL programs and encourages the education community to see the church as their ally in developing successful students. Tara is a graduate and board member of Leadership Southwest, completed two years of Cadre with Jeanne Mayo and was recently accepted into the Dallas Cohort of the Devos Urban Leadership Initiative fifteen month intensive program. Her greatest joy, though, is being mom to two kids and a dog!

Imari has been part of the Radiant Girl mentoring program for five years and shares her story of finding confidence at the Radiant Luncheon!